Use Your Head and Wear a Hard Hat

use your head and use a hard hat

Almost all construction work involves a risk of head injury. Keep it safe. Wear your hard hat.

  • Even on a well-run site head injuries can still happen so hard hats should be worn
  • A lot of workers were killed or received serious head injuries before the use of hard hats on construction sites
  • Wearing a hard hat may prevent or lessen an injury to your head

What is the law on Hard Hats?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations 1992

  • From 6 April 2013, the PPE Regulations 1992 apply to the provision and use of hard hats on construction sites
  • Employers must provide hard hats to employees and,
  • Ensure hard hats are worn when there is a risk of head injury
  • Self-employed should provide their own hard hats and ensure they wear them.

Should you provide hard hats to your workers (and visitors to your site)?

Yes and hard hats should:

  • Be in good condition. If it’s damaged, throw it away
  • Fit the person wearing it and be worn properly
  • Not stop the wearing of hearing protectors as well (when needed)
  • Only be obtained from a reputable supplier such as Activewear Group. Click here to view the recommended PPE Headwear. Beware there are fake hard hats on the market

How do I help ensure that head protection is worn?

  • Make the wearing of hard hats a site rule
  • Display safety signs in areas where there is a risk of head injury
  • Always wear your hard hat to set an example
  • Check others are wearing theirs

How do I take care of my hard hat?

The shell of a hard hat can be damaged or weakened if not looked after.

For example:

  • Objects fall onto it
  • It strikes against a fixed object
  • It receives a severe impact
  • Deep scratches occur
  • It is sprayed with chemicals or solvent based paint

What safety standards are there for hard hats?

  • EN 397 – Standard for industrial helmets
  • EN 12492 – Standard for helmets for mountaineers
  • EN 50365 – Standard for electrically insulated helmets for use in low voltage installations

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Use your head and wear a hard hat
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Use your head and wear a hard hat
Facts on wearing hard hats in construction
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