The Ultimate Buying Guide For Work Trousers

Work trousers are designed to provide comfort and protection at work. Whether your job is labour intensive or in dark or hazardous conditions, choosing the right type of workwear trousers is essential for keeping you safe.

At Activewear Group, we stock work trousers in various types and styles and with specially-designed features, so you can easily find a pair to suit your industry’s needs and personal preferences.

Follow our buying guide for work trousers to find out which styles are available and decide which type is best for you.

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What are work trousers?

Work trousers are designed to protect workers from hazards and prevent injury. 

Whether you need a general-purpose pair of durable and flexible trousers for constant moving or safety work trousers for working in dark, low-visibility conditions, cold weather or exposure to extreme heat, there are various options to suit your needs in our collection. 

Our work trousers are available in different waist sizes and leg lengths for comfort and fit, so we’re confident you’ll find the perfect pair. 

What are the best work trousers?

The best work trousers for you will depend on the nature of your industry. Each type of work trousers offers a different level of protection and will be suited to specific environments. 

Some work trousers are designed to protect against hazards, such as high-visibility trousers or flame-retardant trousers. Other trousers are designed with practical features such as multiple pockets or reinforced belt loops. 

The main two things you should consider when choosing the best work trousers for you are the trousers’ functionality, the safety features and the fit. 

  1. The trousers’ functionality

Consider what features you need to help you complete your tasks at work. Do you need multiple pockets for carrying tools or knee pads for added comfort? These details can greatly enhance your work experience and help you do your job.

  1. Safety features

Do you work with specific work hazards requiring a certain type of trousers? You may require reflective stripes to keep you visible in darkness or padded trousers to keep you warm in cold weather. 

  1. Trouser fit

Decide whether you want trousers in a slim leg or a looser fit. Whilst this depends on personal preference, it can also depend on the nature of your work and how much flexibility you will need in your trousers.

Cargo work trousers

Cargo work trousers usually have six pockets with two on the front, back and sides. These multiple pockets provide plenty of places to store important tools, tape measures and pencils. This type of trouser is ideal for various trades, including builders, electricians and plumbers who require easy access to tools.

Cargo pants are made from durable materials to withstand daily wear and tear and to prevent the pockets from breaking while under heavy use from tools. They are also available in stretch materials for a flexible and comfortable fit.

Key Features

  • Reinforced pockets
  • Reinforced belt loops
  • Comfortable and durable materials
Cargo work trousers

Combat work trousers

Combat trousers are a version of cargo trousers designed for workers who require quick access to tools. They offer multiple pockets for excellent storage, so they are ideal for tradespeople in industries that don’t require added protection, like electricians or plumbers.

Made with elastic waistbands for a secure fit, combat work trousers combine comfort and practicality to make them great general-purpose trousers. 

Key Features

  • Great general-purpose trousers
  • High levels of comfort
  • Multiple pockets for storing tools
Combat work trousers

Holster work trousers

Holster trousers have multiple top pockets for carrying tools to eliminate the need for a separate tool belt. Some holster trousers are designed to have zip pockets which allow them to be removed so that the trousers can be washed without emptying the pockets. 

Holster trousers are often called builders’ trousers as their large pockets are ideal for builders carrying multiple tools. Made with heavy-duty materials, holster trousers are durable to ensure they can easily hold the weight of the tools.   

Key features

  • Multiple pockets
  • Durable materials 
  • Available in hi-vis options
Holster work trousers

Work trousers with knee pads

Some work trousers are designed with a pouch to insert knee pads as necessary. These pads help protect workers when they are required to kneel for long periods. 

Work trousers with knee pads protect workers kneeling on uneven or cold floors to prevent knee damage and heat loss. These features are popular with plumbers, electricians and gardeners, who require some added knee protection.

Key Features

  • Prevents knee injuries
  • Hi-vis and waterproof options
  • Durable and flexible materials
Work trousers with knee pads

Flame-retardant work trousers

Flame-retardant work trousers can be invaluable for those working in welding, construction chemical plants or the oil and gas industry. 

Designed to protect the wearer in high-risk environments, flame-retardant trousers are heavy-duty and protect against radiant, convective and contact heat. 

They are usually made with treated fabric which helps slow the spread of fire when exposed to heat or flames.

Key features

  • Heavy-duty, flame-resistant fabrics
  • Breathable linings
  • Taped seams
Flame-retardant work trousers

Waterproof work trousers

Waterproof work trousers are ideal for those working outdoors or in wet or damp conditions. These are ideal for building and construction workers or forestry workers who may spend much of the day in cold or wet weather. 

Many waterproof work trousers also feature reflective stripes to make the wearer seen in poor visibility. These options are ideally suited to road work engineers working in foggy conditions or the dark through the night. 

Key Features

  • Wind and rain resistant
  • Provides visibility and protection
  • Elasticated waistband for a secure fit
Waterproof work trousers

High-visibility work trousers

High-visibility trousers are designed to ensure the wearer always remains clearly visible. These trousers are especially useful for those working at airports or carrying out railway or road repairs where workers must work in the dark or low light.

Plenty of hi-vis trouser options are available to suit specific jobs, including windproof and waterproof trousers. 

Key Features

  • Reflective stripes
  • Ideal for those working outdoors
  • Taped seams
High-visibility work trousers

Shop our selection of work trousers from Activewear Group

Expertly designed with practical qualities and safety features to suit your industry, find the perfect pair of work trousers to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your shift. 

Our industry-standard workwear is sourced from trusted brands, like Portwest and Regatta, and contains durable products that withstand daily wear and tear. 

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