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Working in winter 14/12/2022

Tips for working in the cold and winter weather

Working in the cold weather can be uncomfortable and dangerous, especially if working outdoors. Therefore, it is important to look after yourself and take some extra precautions. We have put together a few simple tips to help you this winter. Wrap up warm! It’s the obvious thing to do and the easiest way to protect yourself against the cold. Layer up with suitable clothing and suitable PPE for the conditions. Layering up your clothing will help to stop body heat from escaping and help to keep you warm. If you... Read More


High visibility clothing regulations

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 require many factors to be taken into account to ensure that the correct clothing is chosen for a particular task. Contents Overview Employers responsibility Employee responsibility EN ISO 20471? Care and Maintenance Is high visibility suitable for the risk?Choice of clothing should take into account ambient and artificial lighting conditions at the workplace, and the effect of conditions such as fog and snow.For some jobs an high visibility waistcoat may be all that is needed, but those workers who are particularly at... Read More


What is EN ISO 11611?

EN ISO 11611 is the international standard for protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes. What does EN ISO 11611 provide protection against? This international standard specifies minimum basic safety requirements and test methods for protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes (excluding hand protection). There are two classes with specific performance requirements. Class 1 Level Protection Class 1 is protection against less hazardous welding techniques and situations, causing lower levels of spatter and radiant heat. Class 2 Level Protection Class 2 is protection against more... Read More


What PPE Gloves Do I Need For My Industry?

Choosing the right types of gloves for your industry is imperative for workplace safety and comfort.  PPE gloves are not only important in offering the right protection against work hazards, but they must also offer the right levels of dexterity for you to carry out work efficiently.  More than one type of glove may be suitable for your industry, depending on the varying nature of your tasks, one day needing higher levels of cut-resistance and others needing more grip. Follow our guide as we take you through the industries with... Read More



Below you will find all the information you need explaining what the different safety standards mean for hard hats EN 397 EN 12492 EN 50365 What is EN 397? EN 397 is the industry standard for industrial helmets There are four compulsory elements to EN397 – impact penetration flammability and anchorage. This standard applies to protective helmets for industry where the helmet is intended to protect a static user from falling hazards. A series of impact tests must be carried out using a fixed head-form and a falling weight in... Read More

Work PPE Gloves 03/08/2022

What PPE Gloves Do I Need for Work?

Wearing the right type of PPE work gloves is imperative for protecting your hands against relevant situational hazards. The right PPE gloves not only protect vulnerable hands but increase performance and efficiency too.  There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing the right PPE glove, including: What materials and substances will be handled Situational work hazards Level of flexibility needed – thicker for protection or thinner for precision. Level of grip for dry, wet or oily tools To protect employees, choosing a work glove with the perfect levels of... Read More


Use Your Head and Wear a Hard Hat

Almost all construction work involves a risk of head injury. Keep it safe. Wear your hard hat. Even on a well-run site head injuries can still happen so hard hats should be worn A lot of workers were killed or received serious head injuries before the use of hard hats on construction sites Wearing a hard hat may prevent or lessen an injury to your head What is the law on Hard Hats? Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations 1992 From 6 April 2013, the PPE Regulations 1992 apply to the... Read More

Whistler tree bags 14/07/2022

Vegan handbags, backpacks and purses

Vegan Handbags, backpacks, Purses and More – Cork Leather Activewear are proud to introduce a range of fully sustainable structured bags in natural cork from the award-winning brand Whistler Tree. Due to the nature of cork leather the bags are water repellent and stain resistant which makes them ideal for everyday use. What is Cork Leather? Cork is the new Leather.Think luxury accessories & you’d expect to be shopping for real leather, but the quality of non-leather textiles has improved beyond recognition.All cork products are made from premium cork material... Read More