Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are designed to protect hands at work when handling hazardous items. Made from materials that protect against cuts, abrasions or slashes, cut-resistant safety gloves can defend against blades, glass, sharp rubble and metals. With various sizes and cut levels available, find the right gloves for your profession, from food preparation and gardening to construction and manufacturing. Our experts source gloves from trusted brands like Portwest and Blackrock, so you always get high-quality materials at an affordable price. To find out more, follow our guide on what PPE gloves you need for work.

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Cut-resistant glove levels

Cut levels are measured on a standard 5-point scale to help categorise the toughness of a glove fabric and determine its level of protection against cuts. Glove materials are cut in rotations until the materials have been completely severed to determine the level. The longer the glove material lasts before it is cut through, the higher the level. Cut level 5 gloves are the highest level and 1 the least. While cut level 5 offers the most resistance, a high level may not be the most suitable for the nature of your work. A lower level may be more suitable if you need more flexibility to carry out your job accurately. 

Do cut-resistant gloves work?

While anti-cut gloves can drastically reduce the severity of a cut, they are not impenetrable. Workers still require flexibility and movement from their gloves, and they must therefore be made from malleable materials which can never be cut-proof. Instead, anti-cut gloves reduce deep cuts to a surface injury and protect hands as much as possible whilst remaining flexible.